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Dubai, a city known for its modernity and progressive outlook, has recognized the increasing popularity of vaping. To balance the rights of vapers with the needs of the general public, the city has established designated vaping areas. These spaces provide vapers with the freedom to indulge in their passion while respecting the diverse preferences of residents and visitors. In this guide, we’ll explore seven designated vaping areas in Dubai, offering insights into where vapers can enjoy their experience without compromising the comfort of others.

1. JBR – The Beach: The vibrant Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) area, known for its stunning views and bustling atmosphere, has designated areas where vapers can enjoy their devices. These zones allow vapers to take in the sea breeze and savor their favorite e-liquids without affecting those who prefer a smoke-free environment.

2. City Walk: City Walk, a trendy urban lifestyle destination, is another hotspot for vapers in Dubai. With its mix of upscale shops, restaurants, and outdoor spaces, City Walk provides designated areas for those who want to vape without intruding on others’ personal space.

3. La Mer: The vibrant beachfront development of La Mer is not only a haven for beach lovers but also a welcoming space for vapers. Here, amidst the seafront ambiance and various attractions, designated vaping areas ensure a harmonious coexistence for all visitors.

4. Boxpark: Boxpark, an innovative retail and dining destination constructed from shipping containers, is a unique setting for vapers. With its eclectic atmosphere and creative design, vapers can find specific zones where they’re free to indulge in their favorite e-liquids without concern.

5. Dubai Mall: Even in one of the world’s largest shopping malls, Dubai Mall recognizes the need for designated vaping spaces. Vapers can enjoy their devices in selected areas, allowing them to unwind without affecting fellow shoppers.

6. City Centre Mirdif: City Centre Mirdif, a family-friendly shopping destination, acknowledges the preferences of its diverse visitors. Designated vaping areas within the complex cater to those who want to shop, dine, and vape in a comfortable environment.

7. Dubai International Airport: For travelers passing through Dubai International Airport, designated vaping areas are available. This recognition of vapers’ needs in such a major transit hub underscores Dubai’s commitment to providing inclusive spaces for all.


As Dubai embraces the global trend of vaping, the establishment of designated vaping areas reflects the city’s commitment to balance individual freedoms with communal harmony. From the bustling ambiance of JBR to the innovative spaces of Boxpark, vapers can find welcoming environments to enjoy their devices without impinging on the preferences of others. By respecting these designated areas, vapers contribute to a positive and considerate atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for residents and visitors alike. As the city evolves, these designated vaping areas stand as symbols of Dubai’s commitment to fostering a modern and inclusive urban lifestyle.


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